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About us

KEMITEK is an international company that has been successfully working for HoReCa*, car washes and professional cleaning service segments (as the supplier of goods) for 15 years providing companies with high quality products, services and solutions for their use. We offer our products and services throughout the territory of Latvia. SIA Kemitek related companies UAB Kemitek (Lithuania, ANNO 2005) and OU Kemitek (Estonia, ANNO 2001) have been successfully operating in their own countries for 15 years (in Lithuania) and more than 18 years (in Estonia).

(* HoReCa is an acronym for Hotels Restaurants and Cafes).

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SIA Kemitek
Noliktavu iela 2, Dreiliņi, Stopiņu novads, LV2130
Phone number: +371 6762 7547
Fax number: +371 6762 7060
e-mail: info@kemitek.lv
web page: www.kemitek.lv

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