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Terms of cooperation

We respect our customers and their time and that's why we are doing everything to make our cooperation easier!

Who can be our customer?
Any company or person who has a desire to work with us can become our client;

How does our cooperation begin?
Begining is very simple! Take a phone and call (at +371 6762 7547) or write an e-mail to the office's electronic mail address info@kemitek.lv;

Do you need a cooperation agreement?
Collaboration agreement is welcome, but not compulsory! If there is a cooperation agreement, it will be easier and faster to get a coveted thing or service!

How you can pay for our goods and services?
We offer different forms of payment, depending on the form of cooperation, customer preferences and client's capabilities. You can buy goods and services with a deferred payment, a payment on an invoice, after payment, goods are delivered, and there is always the possibility to buy goods and services in cash, in return for cash receipt!

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SIA Kemitek
Noliktavu iela 2, Dreiliņi, Stopiņu pagasts, Ropažu novads, LV2130
Phone number: +371 6762 7547
Fax number: +371 6762 7060
e-mail: info@kemitek.lv
web page: www.kemitek.lv

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